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August 2018 - PRESENT

This publication shows different stories located near the Mediterranean coast, an area that has always been present in the lifes of the two creators, Álex and Pilar. It's a melancholic vision of childhood and the transition to adult life.


June 2019

Pictures and poster for Estrecho: África, a debate on the problems found by african artists during their cultural integration in Madrid and the promotion of their music. Several musicians and music promoters of the african scene, moderated by a journalist with experience in the topic, discussed the subject. 

Workshop / Camouflage. 

February 2019

This workshop uses the camouflage technique to create a bridge between space and surfaces. By learning from different camouflage methods both artifitially and biologically, collective patterns are physically constructed by the combination of materials, levels of colouration and repetition of pieces of forms...etc.

Workshop / Typosters. 

September 2018

Posters made in different phases with random words, as a experiment with complex composition yet simple shapes. Each one can make you feel a bit different even when they have the same structure.

Jerte Cutouts. 

April 2016

Serie of 45 cut out illustration that show the landscape and textures of Valle del Jerte. It’s posible to see the transformation of nature during the seasons through the shapes and color gradient.

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